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Forrest Stone is a craftsman and designer based in Portland, Maine.



Forrest started out building custom wood and metal furniture, but quickly found his way into working with the local Maine brewing community. After building out a few taprooms and getting to know the brewers themselves, Forrest discovered there was a strong need for custom, locally made brewing equipment .

As a specialist in stainless steel fabrication, both structural and sanitary, Forrest has experience welding everything from simple sanitary pipes to kettle and fermentor modifications, and access stairways and railings. In the fall of 2017, he designed and fabricated a koelschip for the Bissell Brothers Brewery in Portland, Maine. The following spring of 2018 Bissell Brothers commissioned him again, this time to design and fabricate two 15bbl foeders. The project married both his fine woodworking skill from his furniture days, with the technical welding skills and brewing knowledge Forrest has been building up since 2015.

Intrigued by the complexity and history behind foeder building, as well as how large a role they play in the formation of the flavor and impact on the overall quality of the beer, Forrest sought to re-engineer the traditional coopered foeder and build his own with all New England sourced materials and modern construction techniques.

The ultimate goal was to design a foeder that was built around ease of use, quality materials, thorough design, and engineering to ensure that each foeder can be in continuous service for decades to come. The finished product can now be seen at Bissell Brother’s second location in Milo, Maine.






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